Make a Difference

Dear Friends,

I thank you for the bottom of my heart for visiting with us today. I am very grateful to you, for helping me to reach the unreached with the Gospel and to win souls, build churches, help individuals, families and communities bringing hope to the sick and destitute, and assisting orphans and widows to have a future. Everywhere we go, we hear great testimonies how the ministry has been a blessing to people and the positive change that was brought into their lives. I want the Lord to use this ministry continually to further the Gospel. We would not have this impact without your investment in this ministry.

If you are not a partner, become a partner today. Together we will make a difference. Bringing hope and a better future to millions and will make mark that can not be erased. Become a partner and fulfill your purpose. I am expecting to hear from you today. It is my prayer that the Lord will bless you richly.





Ministry Bank Information:

Germany: KSK KL Bank, IBAN: DE05540502200000972364, BIB: malade51KLK

USA: Please mail your donations to our office in USA.


P.O. Box 839
Cypress, TX 77410-0839


Postfsach 1429
67603 Kaiserslautern


P.O. Box 7
Pallavaram, Chennai 600043

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